Machine Learning Open Source platform capable of generating diagnostic tools or early warning of water stress, health status (attack by pests or diseases), phenological status, nutritional deficiencies, productivity. and performance, among others; by capturing the variations in the reflectivity of the plants during the different growth stages, through theprocessing of crops images collected with drones (UAV).

Key words: Vegetation index, phenological status, agricultural management, Open Source platform

What can we detect?

Vegetation Indices



Crop Lines Detector

Other Repos

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Drones Data Processing Open Source Development Community.
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API specification for deploy the detection models, this repository contains a performant, production-ready reference implementation

Photovoltaic Fault Detector

Model-definition is a deep learning application for fault detection in photovoltaic plants.

User Interface (UI)

Administration tool for your organization projects. An intuitive control panel, with easy access to the EXIF meta-data, generate KMZ and more.

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